This page is dedicated to Trees in our field that have gotten too large for us to dig any longer with our tree spade or we want to liquidate some of our stock.
So we have put them on a super sale if you dig them yourselves.
This can be done with your own equipment or by hand.
We do have bucket loaders if you need us to load up your trucks.
The following list are the Trees that are available for this super sale:
White Pines 12'-19'...$200.00 each U-Dig
Leyland Cypress 15'-20'...$200.00 each U-Dig
Ginkgo Trees 5-8" cal. 18' $200.00 each U-Dig
Colorado Blue Spruce 7-10'...$150.00 each U-Dig

Alberta Spruce 8'+... $200.00   U-Dig
Yew Upright or Spreading 3-4'...$69.00 We can dig these.
Please contact for availability

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